NEW!! From the man who wrote the book on A6 Herb's Fun-Tabs for A6 on your E9th pedal steel!!

You’ve heard of playing C6 licks and chords on E9th tuning.

Now take this a step further....

You can now play any of the Fun-Tab #1 or #2 A6 arrangements on your E9 tuning - by simply depressing the A & B pedals, thus making a complete 5 string A6th tuning on the 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 strings.


This will allow you to play any tablature for A6th tuning, such as Herb Remington's Fun-Tab #1 and #2.

You do not have to change string gauges or anything on your guitar. A6 on E9 will double your chord capabilities.

Allows the player to play western swing with that 6th swing sound - then, with the release of A & B pedals, play any of the E9th licks you already play!

For many years, Herb has taught E9th pedal steel with that A6th capability. That's why his students have such diverse styles, with 2 great tunings on one (1) set of strings.

Herb's Fun-Tab #1 and Fun-Tab #2 each consist of 20 tabbed, popular tunes tabbed for A6th tuning.
They both work great on the E9th Chromatic set-up with the A & B pedals depressed - A6th/E9th.


Herb Remington
2102 Jean St.
Houston, Texas 77023



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